Hayley Johnson

Our expert

Frequently asked questions are answered by Hayley Johnson, Head of Customer Success for Artlist. Hayley is a mentor at Sync the City and a member of the organising committee for the event.


So, how does Sync the City work? I’m not sure what to expect.
Everyone taking part will be given the opportunity to make a “one minute pitch” for a business idea on the evening of Thursday 28 November – although making a pitch is not compulsory. Following a vote, teams will be formed to work on the most popular ideas. Mentoring will be provided to each team by leaders from Norwich’s business community over the next couple of days, to support them in developing their ideas. Each team will then make a final pitch for the idea they’ve developed at the prizegiving ceremony on Saturday. Our judges will choose winners, Cash prizes will then be awarded, and everyone will be invited to the after-party.

Is the event just for people at the start of their careers, or those currently working in related fields?
The event is for people at all different stages of their careers and lives and working in all different areas. Students and people at the start of their careers have the chance to work with leading experts and to develop their skills. Those who are older have amazing life experience, which gives them invaluable skills and expertise to offer other participants. Often, we find people of all ages discover they have skills that they had never fully appreciated themselves before.

Will I have to work overnight? What about food and drink?
No, you’re not expected to work overnight – and indeed the King’s Centre won’t be open. It is a demanding experience, and so you’ll need your sleep! And to support you, your ticket will include food and drink for the three days, with catering at the King’s Centre.

What are the benefits of taking part?
Sync the City is like a boot camp for work! People would spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds to gain this level of mentoring and coaching. You will learn a huge amount about different areas of a business, such as finance, product development, marketing and sales, in a very short space of time – all while having fun.

What if I don’t win?
Whether or not you win, there is something for everyone at Sync the City. You are going into an environment where you have a mentor whose sole purpose is to help you succeed and gain confidence.